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Writer's Block: Something Seems Different

You wake up as a member of the opposite sex. What is the very first thing you do?
Aside from freaking out because waking up male would be scary, I'd have to give the whole peeing standing up a try. It really sucks when you have to go and there's no other option except a dingy public restroom. ack...

Writer's Block: Dear Old Dad

What is your best memory of time spent with your father? If you haven't already done so, make his day and let him know how special it was for you.
(Edit - Not sure what's going on, but my original post disappeared, so am redoing it)

Nothing special, just spending some quiet time watching television shows together.

Writer's Block: Woof, Squeak, Meow, Hiss

Tell us your favorite story involving one of your pets, past or present. Post a picture of your pet if you have it!

Writer's Block: Do Not Forget

What do you never leave home without?
Wallet, keys, and mobile phone. Because you never know...

My political views...

Okay, so I keep getting asked what my political views are. Up until now I've kept my mouth shut to avoid unnecessarily pissing people off. But I thought, what the hell else is a journal for if I don't use it. So, here goes... I've never been anything if not opinionated.

Political jargon...Collapse )

Writer's Block: Tough Choices

If forced to give up one, which would you choose: love, friendship, or family?
A few weeks ago I would have without a doubt chosen love, but unforeseen circumstances has left me to choose family over love. If I had the option to make the decision over again, would I choose differently, I don't know. But I can say that now I'm left feeling lonely with a void in my life that neither friends nor family can fill.
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
Fire Dragon!

Writer's Block: National Hugging Day

Who is the last person you hugged?
My kids, before they grew up and don't want hugs from mom anymore.

Writer's Block: Friday the 13th

Do you believe in any superstitions?
I wouldn't say I necessarily believe in any superstitions. Maybe because of my own religion. But I do enjoy the different superstitious myths.

Writer's Block: Love Me Tender

What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?
Jailhouse Rock